GSP secured full planning permission for the demolition of an old redundant day nursery building and the redevelopment of the Site to provide 4 windfall dwellings.

This challenging site had been vacant for almost 4 years. GSP was instructed following an earlier refusal to redevelop the site. GSP first obtained a prior approval for the conversion of the large single storey building to residential to establish the principle loss of the day nursery. This was followed up with a full application to redevelop the entire site, including increasing the scale of the built form to three storeys. The proposed units were carefully organised to prevent overlooking of nearby properties, whilst the design also included under croft parking and a terrace on the first floor.

The Council accepted GSP’s arguments that the existing building was at odds with the scale of development on all sides. Noting that the plans would address a lack of street activity along a 40m stretch of an adjacent highway, provide new housing and redevelop a long-term vacant site, the case officer agreed that the development would fully comply with Bexley’s new local plan and the London Plan.

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