Following a pre-application submission, an outline proposal for 2 units within this limited triangular plot of land was initially found to be out of character by the Council, despite the lawful use of the land and buildings being industrial and having a proposed density reflective of the surrounding terraced housing.

GSP then submitted a second outline application for a single dwelling, emphasising the fact that this was a sustainable residential area in an authority lacking a five-year housing land supply, whilst also offering to provide improved pedestrian and vehicular links to the nearest public highways. Permission was granted despite this being contrary to minimum density standards.

With the principle of housing having been established by the previous permission, a resubmission for 2 units then followed. The Council were close to refusing the scheme on the grounds of a lack of depth to the gardens despite being of a sufficient overall size as per their 1996 guidelines. But GSP pointed out that 41 units had recently been approved on a nearby major greenfield allocated housing site that did not comply with the same guidelines. Permission was granted for the 2 units, making the redevelopment a viable prospect for the clients.

GSP was later instructed to submit a detailed application for the design, layout, appearance and landscaping of the two units, which was also later approved by the Council with input from Design South East, making better and more effective use of this site that is surrounded by residential dwellings and removing an uncontrolled industrial use.

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