GSP was instructed to put together the planning case for the development of a previously developed site involving the erection of a detached dwelling in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Despite an officer recommendation to approve the application, Councillors opted to overturn that recommendation. GSP was instructed to resubmit in an attempt to address their concerns. However, to the surprise of the clients the Council’s planning officer refused the resubmitted proposal, despite it offering additional benefits and including further supporting information. GSP was subsequently instructed to appeal against the second refusal.

The Planning Inspector considered that the existing site was in a poor condition and made a negative contribution to the AONB. They also acknowledged that views into the site were limited by the rising land and existing vegetation.

The Inspector felt that the design both responded to and respected the surroundings inclusive of a roof form that reflected the contours of the rising land, a sedum covered roof and timber weatherboarding to complement the natural wooded setting. The Inspector also made clear that any visibility is not analogous to harm.

The appeal was allowed.

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